Silence Challenge day 38



I have been rather poor at writing about how the silence challenge is going over the past couple of weeks. I have pretty much managed to keep to the rhythm of 5 minutes a day, which I have been really proud of given my track record with anything requiring disciplined perseverance.

One of the best parts to this challenge has been the conversations with others. I have found such wisdom from all sorts of people. My god daughter made me notice how key it has been to allow my mind to be still. A lovely member of our church family commented how she loves to sit in the same chair when she is still and silent or when she prays. I have loved finding a pattern of sitting in silence first thing, looking out at our garden.

On those days when life becomes full there has been something deeply calming about lighting a candle in the evening and separating myself from the busy day for a few moments.

I have had to work at putting my busy thoughts to one side and having something to focus on has been helpful.

I really hope you have taken something positive from this silence challenge, no matter how much silence you have actually found.

More to follow

Nicky x


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