Silence Challenge day 24


Well we’re over half way with the silence challenge and to be honest the last week has been hard. Not so much in terms of managing to find time to sit in silence and stillness but more in terms of life stuff! I say this only because I’ve noticed that as I have taken my 5 minutes all seems well for those brief moments.

I have been using the Headspace app for the last couple of days and I’ve found the fact that someone is guiding me through the 5 minutes very helpful. As a normal rule I like to be in charge (confession time!) but it has actually been a blessing to hand it over to the guy on my phone! The simple act of allowing myself to sit and wait to be told what to go has been bliss. Definitely a gift for this week.

I have been finding that I am encountering a ‘thin place’ in my moments of stillness and silence at the moment. That place where something of God or the Divine meets the earth. Moments of sanctuary that I have not felt able to write about.

I hope you are finding something good in your 5 minutes of silence and stillness and if it’s been a struggle to keep on with, be kind to yourself

Nicky x



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