Silence Challenge Day 8


We’re a week into our silence challenge and if you are joining us, I wonder how you are finding it? This evening when I sat down to take my 5 minutes of silence my body was still and resting but I have to admit my mind had thoughts racing round like clothes in a washing machine on a fast spin! I’ve found this week, that it’s much better for me to find time in the morning for my silent time if I’m looking for a peaceful place. However, on those days when I’ve not had space until the evening I’ve discovered that the 5 minutes of silence has a kind of restorative effect, despite my racing mind. I wonder if pressing pause allows me to catch my breath and slow down. I suspect that it would take a little longer than 5 minutes for my mind to slow down after a busy day, but even those few minutes creates a little distance between me and my day.

I do need to choose a different alarm though. The one I am using at the moment is far too perky and loud!

Nicky x



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