‘If you could do one thing…’


This week I had a conversation with someone who asked me the question ‘If you could do one small thing to move this situation forward, what would it be?’ This made me realise that sometimes taking action, no matter how small the action seems, is the catalyst for change. In otherwords, sometimes you just have to start!

My friend had been listening to my quiet frustration for some time. She had shared my pioneering dreams and vision. She knew that I had tried to pray and listen, tried to notice the ways God’s Spirit was moving. She knew that I felt stuck and unsure how to act. She also knows me well, and I have discovered that this was the crucial part.

She asked me what small thing I could do that would allow the pioneering dream I was nurturing to edge closer. She was wise enough to know that I needed an encouragement to take the next step and discerning enough to leave it to me to decide what that might be.

It is interesting that this week has been a week of similar conversations with many other people. Having those around us who we trust, with whom we can share our dreams and who will pray with us and encourage us is a vital part of the creative process. I have been reminded this week that God uses them to keep alive my deep passion that other people matter and to prompt me into action when I need it.