Silence Challenge day 3

Today was an epic day! I genuinely found it difficult to set aside 5 minutes to be silent so decided to combine two things. I waited silently while I made some coffee for the team I work with. I found my thoughts heading all over the place and decided to use the technique of focusing … Continue reading Silence Challenge day 3


Silence Challenge day 2

Yesterday I experienced silence in a chapel, today I sat looking out into my garden. Yesterday I was reminded of the connection I have with other people, today it was all about creation. I found it difficult to settle today and needed a particular focus, so I watched the birds darting in and out of … Continue reading Silence Challenge day 2


I have always loved sunflowers. I have a favourite mug with Van Gogh's Sunflower painting on, I have sunflower coasters and countless other sunflower 'stuff' that makes me smile. I often wonder why I love these flower so much. The bright yellow colour is a good start and the way they seem to nod their heads in agreement … Continue reading Sunflowers

Dare to …

Dare to follow your dreams as far as you can, whatever your age Live well Laugh Dare to live honestly, in the rainy days as well as in the sunshine Love Share, with outrageous generosity And may the God of love, who is closer than your breath, live with you and bless you